A review of ‘Highway’


Imtiaz Ali, the next Mani Rathnam of Indian Cinema : A review of ‘Highway’
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Aspirations, emotions, landscape, real people, intensity — all these put together to form a scintillating vivid piece of art. Its not Mani Rathnam, but Imtiaz Ali. This is possibly his best movie (as of now), sign of coming of age, although the signs of it were seen in ‘Rockstar’. The movie leans towards ‘art’ than ‘commercial’.

Broken realities of urban life, reality of child sexual abuse, shallowness of arranged marriage(possibly based on class), effects of unequal distribution of wealth in the society — these undercurrents run through the movie.

Two people from different backgrounds resonate, beyond the trivial boundaries of our societal restrictions. Love, its more than that, it's surreal. Often, this happens on a space-time like ‘travel’ where you aren’t reminded of chores. Precisely, this wonderful combination of muffled realities and moments of ‘truth’ is where the director’s excels.

Alia’s performance as a young lady is a mature one, although she has a long way to go. Hooda, who does not get as much screen space as Alia, has delivered a pivotal role. Rahman’s music weaves a magic, without it, the movie is incomplete. A lot of meta thought seems to have into the sound mixing.

Probably, one of the brilliant movies of the Bollywood’s current era.

22 Feb 2014 15:26

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