Am I alive


An old writing of mine.

Am I alive
a journey into myself

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From the preface:
This is not a travelogue. I have written what all happened to me and in me during the one day visit to savandurga, a trekking destination 60 km from bengaluru.
Trek on: 5-nov-2006
Distance: 60 km approx
Time taken: 1 day
Cost: Nearly 100 Rs excluding food.
What started as a normal trek ended as a pilgrimage. Please adjust to my bad use of language. Writing is too casual. I would like if anybody wants to rewrite this stuff in a readable form. There are constant reference of my previous trek to Savandurga through out. Photos were taken by my still camera. I scanned them later, so quality is not that good (roll did not last till the end of the journey). It was a philosophical experience, you shall see. Thanks to Vinay for suggesting the sub-title and his constant review and appreciation while was writing this big manuscript after my oce hours. I am looking forward for your comments and suggestions. It shall be of great help.

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