Kevin and Donna's Earthstar


In further downsizing and simplifying their lives, Kevin and Donna have requested that their EarthStar website be removed from the internet. They remain very grateful to those who for so many years have shared their continued interest in creative simplicity.

Kevin and Donna are great source of inspiration. I read and re read those words and books many times. I seems like they have decided to go off the internet. Melancholic, but deep down, I knew this was coming, and for everyone too, someday. I hope the best for them.

For those who are still looking, the wayback machine has a copy dating 29th Oct 2014.

Here are somethings I had collected:

The Subtle Way & Its Power - The Mystical Minimalist’s Guide to the Cosmos - Kevin and Donna (pdf)

The Subtle Way Manual: 10 Essential Skills for Survival into the 21st Century (pdf)

PS: The last part of the book 'The Subtle way and its power' is the 'The Subtle way manual'.

08 Jul 2015 16:55

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