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Engineering mathematics 1

Aug-Nov 2014

last updated on 5th September 2014

Subject code 14MAT11
Syllabus and Question paper pattern PDF
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Instructor Srikanth K S
Email ɯoɔ ʇop lᴉɐɯƃ ʇɐ ɥɔɐǝʇ˙ᴉɹs


AnnouncementSolutions of the first internal test paper. Problems list for module 2 has been uploaded.


Course Notes/Problems

Module number Module Name Pre requisites File Misc
1 Differential Calculus 1 basic differentiation rules (PDF).
Test yourself here
PDF Plots of some polar curves (PDF),
animated gif of a polar curve construction (GIF)
2 Differential Calculus 2 same as unit 1
and understanding of limits



Number Upload date Submission date File Challenging version
1 9th Aug 25th Aug PDF PDF



For exam purposes

  • Engineering mathematics by Dr KSC
  • Engineering mathematics by Dr DSC
  • Engineering mathematics by Kreyszig (Indian edition, 2014, Isbn: 9788126551200) Available via flipkart
  • Engineering mathematics by Grewal
  • Engineering mathematics by B V Ramana



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